Central Bucks South High School


New High School and Stadium with Track
Warrington, PA

Skepton Construction was hired by the Central Bucks School District to build a new high school at their 79 acre site. The project included many unique features and innovations such as centrally located support facilities including cafeteria, art, family and consumer service and industrial technology, 2 gymnasiums, an 8-lane competition pool that accommodates 500 spectators, an 800-seat auditorium with full fly gallery, and a full-service shared media center.

State-of-the-art equipment and attractive, well-organized interiors facilitate study, athletic and performing arts endeavors. The media center offers ample study space at computer workstations, team tables and study carrels. Tall windows and clerestories provide abundant light. Interior design features inspired by local architectural vernacular, like heavy timber ceilings and brick walls, furnish visual interest and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Building materials include brick, precast detailing, and heavy timber elements.